Reflections for 2020 and a Cheers to a New Year 2021

As year-end approaches we take time to reflect on 2020 and look forward to 2021. This year has been unprecedented on a global scale, certainly different and challenging. Despite everything, it has been good to take stock of the positive aspects that have brought us together, closer to our customers and suppliers and closer to the UK manufacturing sector as a whole.

Throughout the year, our team has shown a great commitment and together we have adapted to the market conditions ensuring we have been able to offer all our customers a“business as usual” service. Communication always was and still is the life blood of any company and even more so this year. By staying close to our customers and suppliers, keeping in touch on a regular basis, finding solutions and delivering results, we have ensured a high level of customer confidence a top-class service and a continuity of supply. We will end the year strongly maintaining a 100% service.

Looking forward we start to anticipate as much as possible for a post Brexit landscape, over laid by the ongoing COVID situation. We are unable to say with any certainty how events will affect business continuity, but we can do everything within our gift to put in place a continuity plan. This will include consideration to, currency fluctuations, material pricing, availability, extended lead times, customs clearance, transactions and taxes, amongst others. By understanding the challenges of our customers, suppliers and partners, we are better placed to put into action the solutions that will ensure we maintain continuity and a strong customer confidence during next year. We are entering 2021 with a good order book and a number of new clients poised to come on board. We look forward to working together.

The team at PPV Electronics would like to wish you all a happy, health and safe festive period and beyond, and we send our sincere thanks to all our customers, old and new, and to our partners and suppliers alike.

To a well-remembered past and to a hopeful future.

Season’s Greetings.

Mark Hough MD