Brexit Statement

Whilst it is impossible to know what trading agreements will be in place when, at this point, we will exit Europe on 29th March 2019 we have tried to consider how an adverse environment may affect our ability to continue to offer first class service to our clients:

Export to Europe and Globally

Currently PPV Electronics export only very occasionally to countries within the European Union. As cost of our exports are outside the European Union and PPV Electronics is experienced with all aspects of international shipping, should a soft or hard Brexit prevail, this would present trading conditions no worse than currently experienced when exporting to any country outside of the EU.


PPV Electronics currently imports directly from suppliers which are based outside the European Union. These suppliers should not be impacted by any Brexit decisions. We are currently seeking assurances from our UK based suppliers, who may have supply chains within Europe, that they are investigating any potential challenges resulting from Brexit. The situation is under continuous review.


PPV Electronics do not currently employ any EU nationals within its workforce and, as such, we do not believe any adverse conditions would affect us.

Brexit is being continually monitored and considered by PPV Electronics. If we believe any adverse factors arise be assured, we will work to resolve them to ensure they do not affect our ability to service our clients. If you have any further concerns or wish to place supplementary orders, please do not hesitate to contact us.